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About Seaway Printing

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We print the best catalogs of all types
World-class magazine printing with  Heidelberg presses
World-class Book manufacturing with Heidelberg equipment  printing
Print magazines with state of the art Heidelberg presses

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Seaway Printing is a world-class producer of specialty printed and bound products. Based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. We specialize in producing publications, magazines, books, booklets, journals, and manuals for publishers, associations, and national distribution partners. We also execute fulfillment and mailing services for our customers. In short, we manufacture and deliver high-quality printed and bound products for your valuable content.

A Tried and True Print Professional

We’ve been producing beautifully printed and bound products for decades and we know what’s important to you: responsive customer service, excellent quality, competitive pricing, fulfillment and mailing services, and quick turn-around. Seaway has invested in the newest Heidelberg press and bindery equipment and technologies in the print industry.

Our Heidelberg presses are the most productive and highest quality presses in the world. We consistently perform at the highest levels of output and production in the nation. What does this mean for you? 18,000 beautifully printed sheets per hour. Our shortened manufacturing cycle gets your projects completed in record time.

Newest Equipment – State of the Art Heidelberg Printing

Seaway continues to invest in the newest equipment and technologies in the print industry. Our new Heidelberg roll-fed, XL106-8P 4/4 with DryStar LED technology press produces 18,000 beautiful, 2-sided sheets per hour. The quality and productivity of this press translate to faster project completion, more efficiency, and better products for our customers.

Team of Print and Bindery Experts

Anyone can buy the fancy equipment, but not everyone can give the results that we promise. It’s the people at Seaway Printing who truly make the difference. Customer satisfaction is our No. 1 goal. We’re in the printing business for the long run. We have assembled a team of print, production, and customer service experts committed to creating the right solutions for each customer.

Our team’s collective knowledge, from Sales to Shipping, is applied to each phase of production. The result is an exceptional final product and a satisfied customer.

Print, Bindery, and Manufacturing Leader

As a manufacturing leader of printed and bound products in the U.S., Seaway Printing is a G7 Master Printer, the industry’s top certification for credibility, quality, and consistency.

If you depend upon high-quality, competitively priced, bound printed products to make your business successful, you’re “bound for success” when you partner with Seaway Printing!


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[toggle title=”Q: What does Seaway do?” class=”in”]

A: We print and bind saddle stitched and perfect bound books, booklets, catalogs, journals, magazines and marketing/educational materials.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: What type of products fit Seaway’s capabilities best?”]

A: Our core products are printed 4 color process and bound, multi-page, saddle stitched, perfect bound, or loose-leaf pieces. Smaller quantities are produced digitally and larger quantities are printed sheet-fed offset. Our print and bindery operation is world-class.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: What makes Seaway special, as a printer?”]

A: Seaway has spent decades specializing in printed and bound products. Recent investments in manufacturing technology, like using world-class Heidelberg presses, make Seaway one of the highest performing shops in the entire world, according to Heidelberg production data. This efficiency and purposeful attention to printed and bound products makes Seaway an excellent choice for content producers, resellers and publishers who need expertise, efficiency, and the highest quality to bring their products to market. We are the publication experts! [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: Who does your company sell to?”]

A: We sell to two main channels; Publishers and Print Distributors with a vast majority of our customers being magazine and book publishers who in many cases are working with authors. We do have a few local customers, with whom we have been doing business for many years.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: Selling direct and to resellers can be tricky. What if a reseller’s customer contacts you directly for a quote?”]

A: First of all, both Publishing and Distribution divisions work very closely together at Seaway. There is no internal competition for business, and any inbound inquiries are shared among teams to insure the contact goes to the correct division.

If a new inquiry comes to us that is not a publisher or distributor we refer them to a distributor partner in their area as a lead.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: Does Seaway offer mail services? “]

A: Yes. Seaway mails more than 1.7 million magazines, journals, newsletters and
other pieces per month.

[toggle title=”Q: What are your standard payment terms?”]

A: Our standard credit terms are net 30 days once credit has been approved.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: What is your standard turnaround time?”]

A: We can turn a typical job in 10 working days but are flexible to shorten that timeline based on customer’s needs.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: Who should we contact with questions or potential projects? “]

A: You can contact [email protected] or call 800-325-9178 with questions, or use the contact form on our website.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: What is the easiest way to send art files to you?”]

A: You can upload the files through our website. Click the Send a File button at the top of our website.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: What file format do you require for artwork?”]

A: PDF file in single pages, with all pages placed in a single folder.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: What is Seaway’s position on the environment? “]

A: We recycle all scrap paper, all aluminum plates, and use the newest equipment which is more efficient to lower our electricity usage and also keep VOC emission to the lowest possible levels.[/toggle]



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