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Times have changed. You can choose to adapt and change for the better, or hunker down, keep doing what your’e doing and hope for the best.

Justin Wilson opened his American Solutions for Business location just under two years ago. As he was building momentum and looking forward to an exciting 2020, COVID-19 happened.

Now what?

You’ll hear Justin share how he shifted and his belief that “during this time you cannot get out in front of buyers like you normally would. you need to really promote yourself, your business, your services & your products.”

Justin shifted to social media, sharing updates and ideas. He even began paying for boosted posts to reach a broader audience. And like so many of the leaders we’ve interviewed thus far, he’s finding unique opportunities for long term growth, that he otherwise may have never even tried had it not been for facing the adversity at hand.

In this interview you’ll gain some insight into how Justin approaches his work and the culture he’s building within his organization through his acknowledgement, appreciation and support of everyone involved in his growing success, from clients and vendors to the home base team at American Solutions for Business.

At Seaway, we get inspiration from industry leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs who have accomplished remarkable things, those building momentum, making a difference, and finding ways to help those around them benefit as well.

Our entire team at Seaway is constantly reminded of how fortunate we are to be a part of the lives and stories of all of our fascinating clients- like Justin Wilson.