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Marketing changes every year. New technologies and strategies are always being developed—with all the innovation in this industry, how can you possibly keep up?

Douglas Burdett created The Marketing Book Podcast as a platform to interview best-selling authors about their books on the ever-changing world of marketing and sales. We believe marketing podcasts (this one in particular) are a great way to stay on top of the different strategies and innovations that are constantly happening in this industry.

The Marketing Book Podcast is one of our favorites because it covers a wide range of topics, and it’s always coupled with a fantastic book that Douglas Burdett has read and done research on himself. The interviews are inviting and informative, with some great stories sprinkled in for entertainment. In this blog, we’re discussing the episode about Get the Meeting! by Stu Henecke.

The Author

Stu Heinecke is the best-selling author of How to Get a Meeting with Anyone, his original book that’s filled with practical advice and insights for the marketer and salesperson. This is the book that coined the term Contact Marketing. In fact, just recently, the American Marketing Association named Heinecke the “father of Contact Marketing” based on the expertise he demonstrated in both his books on the subject.

How to Get a Meeting with Anyone contains 20 categories of Contact Marketing campaigns to help you explore your scale. It also explains how these strategies have helped sales teams and startups of all sizes to transform their results with highly sought-after prospects and accounts.

The Book

In this episode of The Marketing Book Podcast, Douglas Burdett interviews Stu Heneicke about his sequel, Get the Meeting!, discussing how it expands upon the original work with new advice for the marketing and sales world. In particular, Get the Meeting! provides case studies, campaign photography, and more contact campaign strategies to give real-world examples of strategies discussed in Heinecke’s original book.

The Podcast

Douglas Burdett does a great job of not only talking about the book but also explaining the strategies and real-world applications of what the book teaches. He’s able to discuss the book’s stories and situations with the author so you can hear a more detailed explanation of how it’s useful and why you should care, directly from the person who wrote it. Some of the overarching themes discussed are how contact marketing has excelled in the industry and the power of perseverance and persistence.

One of the most interesting examples that Heinecke presents in his book is about a salesman who used Contact Marketing and gift-giving to land a six-figure deal—but not with the account he expected.

In short, the salesman used in-depth research to find out what type of gift he hoped would persuade a highly sought-after account to meet with him. It turned out the account was into falconry, so the salesman spoke with another falcon enthusiast and ended up purchasing a falcon glove. He reached out to this account, letting him know that he’d be sending the glove with an invitation to meet in person.

While no one else could even get a reply, this account immediately reached back out to the salesman thanking him for such a nice and thoughtful gift—but he wasn’t a prospect. Still, the salesman persisted and sent the glove. When the glove arrived, the account emailed the salesman with a picture and an ecstatic response—he was thrilled to have received such a personal gift.

In his email, the account confirmed that he was still not a prospect, but he knew of three high-level executives who were currently interested in exactly what the salesman was selling. The account offered to make introductions because he was so thankful for the gift. And in the end, the salesman landed six-figure deals with those prospects. That’s the amazing power of a $100 gift and a good contact marketing strategy.

Check out the full episode of the podcast to learn more about contact marketing, gift-giving, and the power of perseverance in marketing. Using these strategies in your everyday marketing and sales tactics can increase your response rate—with Heinecke even claiming that his strategies will give you a 100% response rate. Even if some strategies don’t work for you, you’re still bound to take something away from this informative and entertaining podcast.

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