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Most professionals will tell you they strive to make a positive impact and leave the world a little better than they found it. There’s books written on how to “find your why” and the “power of positive thinking” designed to help busy professionals maintain perspective and continue to move forward with purpose.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Greg Muzzillo this past week for The Seaway Leadership Interview Series. As someone with a passion for all things marketing, I started paying closer attention to Proforma, a promotional products and print company Greg started back in the 70’s that was rapidly growing.

Fast forward to today and Proforma is generating over $500 million annually with more than 650 franchisees across the country. 

If you’ve ever followed industry leaders, or those in your personal life, who have been able to stand out and excel in whatever endeavor they focus on, chances are you’ll find someone who has a clear “why” that is often coupled with a contagious attitude of positivity.

So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Greg, along with his wife, and Proforma CEO, Vera Muzzillo, have catapulted Proforma into a leader in print and promotional products.

Enjoy this episode of The Seaway Leadership Interview Series with Greg Muzzillo!