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Ad Age has a long history of leading the way for innovation and thought leadership inside the world of advertising, marketing and publishing. Their consistency is a testament to the talented leadership that continues to pave the way during these challenging, and uncertain times.

As the Associate Publisher and GM (Marketing and Brand) at Ad Age, Heidi Waldusky is often speaking to industry leaders, managing a talented team, and keeping her finger on the pulse of what’s next. Currently she’s navigating uncertain times and looking at ways to improve and grow through the current economic and social challenges.

Heidi is a creative, energetic person who’s optimism is fortunately very contagious. We need more of this.

In the interview Heidi shares her insights into the impact, and responsibility, publishers and media companies have to lead by example and continue to discover ways to bring communities of diverse people together, making a far greater impact through actions than simply through words.

Chalk full of valuable insights, there is no doubt you’ll walk away with some ideas of your own – and I’m confident some of Heidi’s optimism and energy will rub off on you as you work to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Enjoy the interview!