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Work is demanding. You get busy doing the work at hand, combing over KPI’s, preparing reports, attending meetings, putting out fires and ensuring your customers are happy.

Leaders often scratch their heads trying to figure out why the company is struggling to reach goals, build momentum and grow.

If you’re not putting time and energy toward building and maintaining a strong culture within your organization, every effort can feel like a struggle.

When your team loves where they work and why they work, everyone naturally looks for ways to improve everything, to make a greater impact and ultimately grow.

Will Scott and his team at Culture Czars have been working with organizations to help build a strong foundation and winning environment for their most valuable asset: their people.

As part of our Leadership Interview Series we had the pleasure of sitting down to interview Will about the true value of culture within an organization, the changes ever business should begin to prepare for as we emerge from the pandemic, and a great place to start on your path to building or improving your company culture.

In what ways do you ensure your employees are excited about the work, proud to be on the team and focused on the future? We’d love to hear from you!