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As time goes on it’s becoming harder and harder to find the artists in any given industry. By artist, I’m referring to people who spend a life time honing their craft, making incremental improvements day after day, year after year, and those who invest everything they have into a specific industry.

Bo Sacks has been on quite a ride. His career reads like a movie, where the main character continues down a path, bumping into interesting people and situations along the way. From launching his first newspaper back in 1970, went on to be a part of the team that launched High Times Magazine and has been involved in the publishing and print industry at every stage of evolution since.

Bo currently puts out his daily newsletter at bosacks.com and is a regular keynote speaker, teacher and mentor to the next generation of leaders in the world of print and publishing.

We had the privilege of speaking with Bo as part of The Seaway Leadership Interview Series. During this episode you’ll get a glimpse into the remarkable career of Bo Sacks and discover where he sees the best opportunities for publishers to provide value and grow, his thoughts on advertising and an undeniable passion for the people who continue to drive the industry forward.

Enjoy the interview.