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Getting Clarity on What Sells in Book Publishing with Deborah Herman, CEO of Micro Publishing Media

Leadership Interview Series

Deborah Herman 

Writing, publishing and navigating the industry can seem daunting. Deborah Herman has built a team at Micro Publishing Media with the experience and expertise to bypass the years it would take for you to succeed.

As publishing consultants they can do a diagnostic on your manuscript with detailed feedback on what it needs. The team can assess your marketing and branding to build an irresistible proposal and strategy.

Micro Publishing Media is the team that will take the “self” out of publishing while affording you the independence you desire as an authorpreneur.

Deborah Herman is a veteran Literary Agent, publisher and author of 12 books including “Member of the Family: My Story of Charles Manson, Life inside his Cult and the Darkness that ended the Sixties” with Dianne Lake the youngest member of the Manson Family.

Herman is dedicated to guiding authors to utilize the digital opportunities available for millennial marketing.

This is a new landscape that can be of the greatest benefit to those authors with motivation and something to say.

We had the privelege of speaking with Deborah about her journey, all of the many ventures she’s involved in and the unique team she’s brought together to deliver unparalleled opportunities for authors.

Enjoy the interview!

Where can you get in touch with Deborah and her team?

Deborah Herman on Linkedin HERE