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If Your Business Was a Shoe Brand, What Would It Be and Why?

If Your Business Was a Shoe Brand, What Would It Be and Why?

We Talk Earning Permission and Confidence, Brand and Innovating During Challenging Times with Paul Bellantone, President and CEO of PPAI

Paul Bellantone, President and CEO of PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) is constantly in creative mode. It’s the rare combination of businesses acumen and innovative marketer that make him the perfect fit a CEO in charge of an industry who’s purpose is to promote brands and tell stories.

In our interview you can sense the authenticity. His empathy for what the pandemic has forced so many hard working professionals to endure comes through the lens as he discusses the challenges that hit home at PPAI and those impossible conversations with staff that keep even the strongest among us awake at night.

“How do you make those tough decisions in a way that’s meaningful and that you can honesty say you did the best for your organization, your employees and your members that day? It may not have been perfect, but you did it with the information you had at that moment”

We dive into creative ideas, innovative opportunities that may come to life due to the pressure of the current economic crisis, the power of earning permission and the value of a brand.

Why do you want to be seen as The $2 Bill Guy? What’s your favorite hotel have to do with guiding the future of your own brand?

Listen in to find out! Enjoy!

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