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Do You Have a Story in Your Drawer? A Discussion with Shelley Davis – Founder of Kids at Heart Publishing

Leadership Interview Series

Shelley Davis founded Kids At Heart Publishing


Shelley Davis founded Kids At Heart Publishing after publishing her own children’s book and realizing there was a need for someone to support the dreams of other people with “a story in their drawer”.

Kids At Heart is an independent publishing house offering the service to writers to get their words in print. 

The mission of Kids At Heart Publishing & KAH Publishing is to help each writer put his or her dreams and words into print through a proven method that is rewarding, fun and affordable.

We had the privelege of talking with Shelley about her journey and her passion for helping others fulfill a dream.


Enjoy the interview!

Connect with Kids at Heart Publishing

Website: www.kidsatheartpublishing.com

Support: kidsatheartpublishing2010@gmail.com

You can contact us by phone at (765) 478-5773