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The Power of Print: Unfurling John Deere's Legacy with 'The Furrow'

The Power of Print: Unfurling John Deere's Legacy with 'The Furrow'

In our digital age, the power of print is often underestimated. Yet, a compelling testament to the lasting influence of print comes from an unexpected sector: agriculture. With a 118-year history, John Deere's 'The Furrow' magazine stands as a beacon of success, serving as a testament to the enduring strength of print communications and the relationships it can cultivate between a brand and its audience.

'The Furrow' was first printed in 1895, rapidly growing in popularity and reaching over 4 million consumers by 1912. Today, it touches around 570,000 consumers in the U.S. and Canada and about 2 million globally, distributed through a legacy network of John Deere dealers. Born generations before the term "content marketing" was coined, the magazine has undergone an evolution. It transitioned from an advertorial to a general agriculture journal, and ultimately to today's magazine that helps farmers run their businesses.

Despite the surge of digital content, the print edition of 'The Furrow' still holds a unique charm. Surveys reveal that 80% of readers, regardless of demographic, still prefer the tangible magazine over its digital counterpart. The secret to 'The Furrow's' enduring success lies in its people-centric focus, prioritizing the stories of farmers over John Deere equipment and providing value to its readers.

The magazine's format has evolved over time, originally delivered quarterly as a newspaper blending John Deere advertising with agricultural tips and reprinted articles. Today, it is a full-color publication featuring unique stories and photographs not found elsewhere.

'The Furrow' serves as a portal into a brand that sparks passion. It's not just about John Deere; it's about the community of farmers, their stories, and their lives. This unique approach has resulted in a rare bond between a brand and its audience, fostering loyalty and awareness that remains robust even in our digital age.

The legacy of 'The Furrow' illustrates the power of print in building strong relationships, loyalty, and awareness. By investing in print, brands can nurture a connection with their audience that withstands the test of time, just as John Deere has proven with 'The Furrow'.