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6 Tips to Improve Magazine Ad Sales

6 Tips to Improve Magazine Ad Sales

There’s no question that ad sales drive the magazine business. Print ads provide precious revenue needed to sustain your magazine, and they’re actually better than digital ads. Studies have shown that our brains are built to prefer print ads over digital, and that print ads are seen as more credible than digital. That means building a relationship with a company may very well be worth it when all your competitors are doing the same thing.

There are a few great ways to showcase this interest to advertising companies that you wish to work with. We’ve put together a few of our favorite tips for magazine clients looking to stand out to companies they wish to retain as companies.

1. Get Creative with Promotional Materials

Companies are tired of pens, koozies, frisbees, and every other overused swag item they receive. It’s important to differentiate yourself with a unique, more usable promotional material. Be sure to customize your promotional materials for the specific companies you’re contacting. For example, a shoe company would excited to receive branded shoe cleaner they can use at work or at home, rather than a random piece of promotional material they may not be interested in.

2. Know Your Target Audience

Finding the right companies isn’t just about who will spend the most money—it’s also about working with people who can create an experience that your target audience will love. If your audience won’t engage with your ads, they won’t be there for long. By knowing your audience and their preferences, you can look for companies that fit the bill. You only have so many promotional products to offer companies, so it’s better to hunt with a spear rather than a wide net—pinpoint the companies your readers will love the most, and put all of your time and investment into signing with them.

3. Guarantee a Rate Protection

If you have a company you want to keep around, offer them rate protection. Give them a contract that allows their advertisement rates to remain the same throughout a certain period of time, usually a calendar year, to retain a year’s worth of their investment and earn their trust. This is a great relationship builder and can help you guarantee more revenue for years to come.

4. Prove You’re a Worthy Investment

Sending media kits is a great way to introduce your magazine to companies, but it’s not giving them the true benefit of working with you. One great way to provide that benefit is by sending a packet tell-all that covers your magazine’s circulation, reader feedback, and education highlights. Show companies how well-read your magazine is, how far your reach is, and what readers are learning and gaining from your subscription. This can get them interested and allow them to better visualize the ROI of investing in your magazine.

5. Contact Multiple People at a Company

It may seem easier to contact the person who’s always receiving media kits at a company, but they’re usually overwhelmed and can easily overlook your kit in the clutter on their desk. It’s okay to send a media kit to that person, but be sure to also send some to others in the company who may not receive them as often. They’ll most likely pay much more attention and can become a good influence for whether or not the decision-maker takes a call with you.

6. Send Monthly Newsletters

One great way to build trust with your companies is to email them monthly with news about your magazine. It’s important to avoid trying to make a sale here—you’re simply providing industry news, fun contests, or new pictures you want to share. This is all about building a personal relationship with your companies to keep them around for years to come.

Final Thoughts

It’s crucial to your magazine’s success that you find the right companies—ones who aim to support your business for a longer period of time and with whom your audience loves to engage. By finding and keeping the right companies, you’re building better readership and protecting the future of your magazine.Looking for more information on magazine printing and advertiser relationships? Contact us today, and we’d be happy to give you more information on Seaway’s services and advise you on building better relationships with your advertising companies.