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Why Print Remains King for Magazines

Why Print Remains King for Magazines

There’s no question that we’re living in a digital age. Our computers and phones take over most of our daily tasks, and even our cars have basically become computers. With so much technology flooding our lives, where does print media fit in?

Truthfully, print is alive and well—even flourishing! We find ourselves inundated with technology to the point where it’s more difficult to absorb and appreciate the information we find online. This is exactly where print shines.

Magazines have been around for decades and will always be a source that many consider trustworthy and informative. Magazines continue to excel today, despite people having doubts about its future. We’ve put together a few of our top reasons why print magazines are important and continue to be a worthy and profitable investment for your content strategy.


Each magazine is backed by an expert team of writers, editors, photographers, and designers that make sure the magazines they produce are of the highest quality. Readers of print magazines can be confident that the information has been thoroughly researched and inspected before it was cleared for publishing. 

Print Helps Readers Absorb More Information

The ads and pop-ups we see when scrolling through online media can be extremely distracting. They may even prevent you from being able to read the entire article, which can be frustrating and ends up wasting your time. Studies show that people actually read 20–30% slower when reading printed information over digital; that reduced speed can increase absorption and retention.

Without ads or distractions, print media is able to provide higher quality content and designs. Your readers appreciate the opportunity to absorb information without those distractions. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t put ads into your magazines at all—you definitely can. However, by placing ads in the right places and allowing them to stand on their own and not distract the reader, you increase their effectiveness. 

The Power of Tangible Media

With so many of our activities taking place online, it’s a fresh of breath air when we receive a piece of printed media. While the digital age is not slowing down, many who work on computers around the clock can appreciate something tangible to read.

If your readers are like most people, they stop and flip through a magazine as soon as they receive it. They may even place it on their coffee table or in restrooms for people to flip through and enjoy at their home. This magazine could stay in their home for months and continue to be enjoyed by dozens of people throughout that time. Because so much of our time is spent online, anything we receive in the mail seems very important and must be tended to and paid attention to more carefully.

Final Thoughts

In the end, magazines solidify brands and help readers feel more connected and engaged with your business. It’s an opportunity to absorb your voice, style, colors, and design more intently. They can recognize these in products or other services you provide, which makes you more recognizable in the future.

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